Laba Laba

Q : Does the service come with warranty?
A : Of course, it comes with complementary 60-days limited warranty!

Q : How much does the service cost?
A : Because we offer a huge variety of services, we can only give you an estimate if you enquire us through our 'contact us' form

Q : How long does it take to get my items fixed?
A : Depending on the level of Difficulty, most items can be fixed within 2 working days

Q : Can you fix leather that are peeling off?
A : Generally, genuine leathers do not peel off, but if they do, we can always replace the damaged leather

Q : Do you have parts to replace my luggage wheels?
A : We certainly do. Our comprehensive inventory is ready to restore functionality of any kind

Q : Can you do reparation by mail?
A : Yes, and for any interstate and international enquiries, please send us an email and we will assist you in no time!