Laba Laba

Laba-Laba has long been known as a one-stop shop for leather repairs, which include shoes, bags, belts, luggage, briefcases, watch straps, sofa*, etc. Laba-Laba was found by Jap A Ten in 1898. Back then, it was called "De Spin", which means spider in Dutch. The name "De Spin" was chosen for the resemblance of the quality of our services to the nature of a spider's web. By way of strength comparison, a spider web is actually five times stronger than steel and twice as strong as artificial fiber.


1898 \
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De Spin is founded by Jap A. Ten, specialising in leathercraft and modification. The spider symbol represents strength and perseverance even in the harshest conditions.

\ 1950
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Tanning & Animal Preservation

De Spin’s tannery services process animal skins into workable leather while also preserving dead animals such as birds and tigers.

1968 \
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De Spin to Laba-Laba

The times are changing, as government regulations see De Spin become Laba-Laba. The original meaning is retained and a new chapter begins.

\ 1985
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Modern Machinery

Laba-Laba undergoes a massive investment in machinery and technology to greatly increase the quality of services across all areas of the business.

2006 \
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Sofa Reparation

Through local business acquisitions, Laba-Laba adds quality sofa reparation to its service offering.

\ 2013
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Over 110 items fixed/day

Due to enhanced technology and efficient methods, Laba-Laba now repairs more than 110 items per day – around 40,000 items fixed per year!

2014 \
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Reparasi Segala

The announcement of Laba-Laba, Reparasi Segala – adding an exciting new service and bringing this household name to more households than ever.